2011.03.11 Memorial

In memory of the over 15,000 lives lost and people who were injured and left homeless by the Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami. Our hearts go out to the family of victims and survivors!

Share key binding between classes in Team Fortress 2

So you want to use the same key, but do different things in tf2?
Well, it's not that hard. Just follow this simple guide.

Shared internet for Team Fortress 2

For Team Fortress 2 or other Steam Source games.
We were getting this error when we would try to log into the same server to play.
"Connection failed after 4 retries"

When to Change Toyota Spark Plugs

I noticed that my Toyota Maintenance Schedule seemed to indicate that my 2004 Camry should have the spark plugs replaced every 30K miles.

what really happened on 9/11?

this video raises many questions about what happened on 9/11.
will we ever know the truth?
I hope so.

this is the 2nd Edition of Loose Change.






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Funny Video

Some of what she says is so right. Some is so wrong!
This clip is from an old late night adult show from Japan called Vermilion Pleasure Night.


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