Adobe CS3 licensing stopped working

I got an error when I run any of the Adobe Design Premium CS3 products saying "licensing for this product has stopped working" and then it closes. All the CS3 programs were working after I had installed CS3 and the updates. So I could not figure out why all the Adobe CS3 products stopped working. I searched the internet and found some things to try, but none worked.

An idiot's guide to What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole

I was recommended to watching What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole by someone close to me because they know I like science. They said the movie was about quantum mechanics. I know quantum mechanics is a very difficult subject and thought the movie would have new research into the topic. I expected this documentary to be an in-depth view of quantum mechanics and how it relates to everyday life.

A plan to encourage healthcare competition

Why something needs to be done

I am not in favor of regulating every problem the country has, but the healthcare issue has not been resolved and needs serious attention. The lack of competition, no cost control, citizens without coverage, and other factors have brought us to a bad state of health.

Most people are out of the loop on pricing because their job buys health insurance. Doctor offices do not want to provide rates for treatment prior to being seen. This lack of information on pricing keeps people in the dark and costs out of control.

Jacked up pickup trucks

Does it make you think the owner is a moron, stupid or brainless?

A truck is for hauling stuff. What is the purpose of jacking up a truck?

Here is what I know about what jacking up a pickup truck does:
Lowers fuel economy
Reduces vehicle stability
Makes it more difficult to pull a trailer
Makes it more dangerous for other vehicles because the bumper is too high on the truck
Makes it more dangerous because others cannot see what the traffic is doing in front of the truck

Did these people watch too much monster truck shows?

what really happened on 9/11?

this video raises many questions about what happened on 9/11.
will we ever know the truth?
I hope so.

this is the 2nd Edition of Loose Change.

Letter to California Governor about the Public Utility Commission

The PUC commissioners recently gave their duty of approving fee increases to the companies they are suppose to oversee. Now telecommunications companies can raise their fees anytime they want.

I have Cox Communication for telephone service, which is the only option for our area.
Cox, of course, did not wait a minute and took immediate advantage and raised their non-publish number rate from .28 to 1.25. There is no cost related to not having a number not published; maybe a savings for not having to print the number in a directory.

Filemaker 9 - still not up to 1997 technology standards

I have been using Filemaker since version 2. By version 4, I started doing more advanced things and found Filemaker to be a pain. I searched for a replacement. 4D v6 was a possibility, so I purchased a copy and started working with it.

4D did all the things that Filemaker could not. It was difficult to understand how 4D worked at first because Filemaker does not function like all other databases. No other database has calculation fields or global fields. I decided not to go with 4D after they raised their prices and continued working with Filemaker.

Censoring animated breasts

In the U.S. the animated show Tokko was aired on the Sci-Fi channel. The show was aired late night just like in Japan. Here in the U.S. one of the scenes is with the character Kureha in which she shows Shindo her tattoos and also her breasts, the breasts were blurred out. What is the big deal?

What is wrong with American society that it is alright for a TV channel or FCC to censor animated breasts? Is blood good but not nudity; even animated nudity?

Where does the stink come from?

Summer you have your windows open at night to let a cool breeze in. The breeze is nice for a little while, but then a smell like a skunk comes through the windows. I rush to close the windows.

The first time I noticed the smell was in 1999. It happens several times a month now. I don’t remember this smell before 1999. I have lived in several places since 1999 with the same smell coming from outside at night.


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