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Jacked up pickup trucks

Does it make you think the owner is a moron, stupid or brainless?

A truck is for hauling stuff. What is the purpose of jacking up a truck?

Here is what I know about what jacking up a pickup truck does:
Lowers fuel economy
Reduces vehicle stability
Makes it more difficult to pull a trailer
Makes it more dangerous for other vehicles because the bumper is too high on the truck
Makes it more dangerous because others cannot see what the traffic is doing in front of the truck

Did these people watch too much monster truck shows?

Is there any purpose other than looks?

I have seen many dually trucks jacked up lately. A dually is a truck that has two tires on both sides in the rear for a total of four tires. The sole purpose of dually trucks is for pulling heavy trailers. Is raising a dually truck the pinnacle of stupidity?


if they want to do it than its really not your buisness

What does the size of a persons truck have to do with there dick size. Most people have them jacked so they can get on the BEACH/FISHING:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;

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if jacking up a truck cause safety issues for other drivers than it is every drivers business. Plus if these vehicles are using more gas, then they are contributing to the world wide oil crisis. So it would be everybody's business!

i would also like to know if there is any reason other than looks. Every time I see a jacked up truck I think the guy must have a small d*ck!