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Breakfast is Best

i always look forward to breakfast on the weekends. we stay up late the night before and sleep in until we both wake up. then i say i'm hungry, and he asks what i want to eat. he makes wonderful breakfast. we used to have just plain scrambled eggs and cinnamon raisin toast. then we started making omelettes with ham, green bell pepper, onions and cheddar cheese. delicious! we now even make our own hashbrowns (after learning the method on the food network). in the past, we often went to ihop just to have pancakes. but then we figured out how to make our own. we eat it with pure maple syrup which is way better than artificially flavored syrup. sometimes we add frozen blueberries to the pancakes and that's really good too. french toast was also a frequent breakfast treat. then he made it even better by adding cinnamon to it. not only does it taste fantastic, but it is supposed to help lower cholesterol. sometimes we have english muffins with strawberry jam. that's simple for those mornings when we don't feel like cooking. our latest craze is crepes!! filled with fresh strawberries that we get in abundance. he makes this great mascarpone cream to put inside the crepes with a sprinkle of powdered sugar on top. we also started adding blueberries (that we buy frozen) to the strawberries, and it is absolutely the best breakfast!!!

check out the gallery for pictures of the crepes.