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really cool song

brand x misery
listen and watch carefully. do you see the message?

inconvenient truth

everyone needs to see an inconvenient truth by al gore
not only is it entertaining; it is a truly alarming look at global warming and the state of our planet


this is my favorite movie of all time

bad cars

in addition to bad drivers...these types of vehicles should be demolished and recycled

cars that are spewing smoke and stinky exhaust that is polluting our environment

vehicles that have those fake wooden panels (this is the 21st century)

cars that are run down, rusted or falling apart

vehicles that are jacked up (especially those trucks and SUVs that have no purpose being adjusted)

let's clean up the roads already!!

my favorite veggies

some of these vegetables are actually fruits and others are considered condiments, but i will list them here:

mushrooms, spinach, cucumber, tomato, avocado, bell pepper, sweet potato, yam, zuccini, black olives, green peas, corn, eggplant...there are others but i can't think of any more right i'll add them later.

bad drivers

drive slow in the fast lane
leave huge gaps between them and the car ahead of them during heavy traffic
toss lit cigarette butts out the car window (this litters and could cause fires)
don't use the turn signal when changing lanes or turning
change lanes when there is no one ahead of them
don't speed up to freeway speed when getting on the freeway
have one hand on the wheel and a cell phone in the other
don't turn on headlights when it is raining
slow down or brake when you are behind them trying to go faster


i'm lucy "gorge"ous of natural selection 0:-)

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