Lunatic Adventures in Vista California part 1

Aug 31
by Daniel

I am driving down a road in Vista that has a speed limit of 35 mph.  I see a red convertible car pull out from a business going the same direction I am heading.  The car stops for several seconds then starts moving slowly. When I catch up to the car, it is going 20 mph and is not speeding up.  I see the car is a Mercedes-Benz.  After about 30 seconds of this person trying to light a cigarette and not driving the speed limit, I honk.  

The person then slows to 10 mph and taps his brakes several times and starts gesturing.  I point for him to pull over so I can pass and he does. Great.

I get to a light and the man driving the red convertible pulls up next to me and starts talking to me.  This man was a 60 year old, light skinned black man.  So I roll down the window.  He asks why I honked.  So I explained that he was stopped in the road and then he was driving below the speed limit.

Then he asked was I from California.  I said why and he said you don’t honk at people.  What is this crazy person talking about?  Then he says he wants me to pull over to the side and he would do something.  I could not hear exactly what he said but it sounded like he wanted to fight.  Then he started using vulgar language repeatedly as he sped off. He might have been drunk, but then he should not have been driving at all.

I am a big strong guy and could really hurt this guy.  Why would an old man want to threaten and pick a fight? So very strange.

Goes to show, you can drive a nice car, but you may not be smart or nice.