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Adobe CS3 licensing stopped working

I got an error when I run any of the Adobe Design Premium CS3 products saying "licensing for this product has stopped working" and then it closes. All the CS3 programs were working after I had installed CS3 and the updates. So I could not figure out why all the Adobe CS3 products stopped working. I searched the internet and found some things to try, but none worked.

I had just done a clean install of OS 10.5 Leopard and installed the 10.5.5 updates. I installed Adobe Design Premium CS3 and all the updates. Everything worked. I remembered that the Application folder had a permission issue and I fixed it manually. Maybe the permissions were wrong and had caused the error "licensing for this product has stopped working".

So I decided to install again. I put the Adobe Design Premium CS3 Disk in and ran setup. I installed all packages again. I notice the dialog said repairing shared components. I ran the updates again and now I am not getting the error "licensing for this product has stopped working" and all the CS3 programs run fine.

So if I have the problem again I will only install one of the programs from Adobe Design Premium CS3 so I don’t have to update everything again. Actually, installing DreamWeaver again will not require an update.

Please post a comment and let me know if this has helped you.