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Democratic Party End Anti-democratic Superdelegates

John Iadarola explains when and why the Democratic party created the superdelegate system. Anyone that believes in democracy should be outraged that the Democratic party has super delegates! There should only be delegates that vote strictly on how the voters voted in that state. Call on the Democratic party to end superdelegates now!

Hillary Clinton should immediately call for an end to the superdelegate system to show she is not trying to subvert the will of the voters.

Bernie Sanders on Healthcare

The Young Turks discuss healthcare between the democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. One of the guest hosts thinks that Bernie is over promising. Rubbish!

One, the U.S. is the richest country on the planet. Two, removing all profit that insurance steals from your health goes a long way to pay for universal health.

When to Change Toyota Spark Plugs

I noticed that my Toyota Maintenance Schedule seemed to indicate that my 2004 Camry should have the spark plugs replaced every 30K miles.

myTouch 4G Gingerbread update

So I heard about the myTouch 4G update to Gingerbread and was wondering how it works. If I usually have wifi or mobile internet off, will I get the update?

Skype stole my money

I did not get to use almost $9 of my credit.

Apple iOS 4: it won't be like 1984...until 2010

I have an iPod Touch 3G with 3.1.3 firmware that I recently purchased which was crashing. So I decided to return it to the store and get another one.

Refurbished and Open Box being sold as new

Refurbished and Open Box being sold as new might become an epidemic with current economic conditions and stores having trouble.

A letter to congress about the big three automakers

I urge you to not give the automakers free money.

The leadership of the automakers drove the companies into the ground and now they want a bail out?

Leopard Automator "Move Finder Items" Fix

The Automator workflow I used in Tiger no longer works in Leopard. If you use more than one "Move Finder Items" or it is not at the end of the workflow then you will notice an error if no files are passed to it.

I had three "Move Finder Items" with filters before each.

In Leopard, the Move Finder Items errors. It would be nice if they added an option for it to error or not, but they did not and it broke many peoples workflows.

My solution is to use Run Shell Script in place of Move Finder Items.


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