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It was made to wait.

I haven't seen you for a long time.
I am sorry that I didn't comunication for a long time!!!

It went to see the movie after a long time today. :D

“watashi ga kuma ni kireta wake”(I am a reason for the bear to lose my temper.)
When I heard this title , I thought that Korean movie??? because sounds like that.
I was suprised that was Hollywood.The oreginal title was “THE NANNY DIARIES”. quite different. I wondered why they took such a Japanese title? but I understood when I watched that movie. The person who thinks it is mysterious watchs by all means.

Before go there I read the outline and It thought of story that the girl who was often liked. But It was a movie that it is made to think considerably when watching. Story was simple but what is that my feeling? But It was good. ;)

It becomes cold so It becomes season of autumn. It is sad for me but they like cold than hot 9% around my people. Therefore, the person who is surely reading this by giving might be also so. Then happy for you. It is trouble season though... but It becomes delicious food served in the pot. \(^o^)/