March Maxness

Mar 1
by shogun
March Maxness

Announcing March Maxness!

Celebrating Mardi Gras, St Patrick's, Earth Day, Spring Break, Spring Equinox, Akagumo's Birthday, Twitch Affiliate goal and more with max giveaways!  Help us grow our discord and twitch channel for maxness fun!  Guaranteed giveaway for every stream that has 5+ viewers for an hour or more.  More prizes added if we reach goals!  Let's go!


Mardi Gras - 1st

Daylight Savings - 13th

St Patrick's - 17th

Spring Break - 19th

Earth Day/Spring Equinox - 20th

Akagumo's Birthday - 29th


Clans "teams" work together to win clan prize.  The clan with the most points wins March Maxness!  Everyone has a chance to win great prizes.  One random person from the winning clan wins the big prize. 

Follow our Twitch channel,  then join our Discord.


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