Looking for Vtube Artist

Mar 25
by shogun

Looking for a 3D Artist that can help create a character for use on Twitch.

The work you create will need to be original and copyrightable by me.  I am open to different ideas and would like to collaborate.  I would like multiple skins and clothing for different holidays like Halloween, Xmas, and Party type. Plus a T-shirt with changeable image overlay.

Tell me your process and see if we are a good match.  Prefer main software design be Blender.  You will need to be able to create skin, bones and expressions.  Will require all original files including Blender and Unity files.  Considering using Unreal Engine 5.

Please provide examples and your rates.

You can comment here or use our contact form to provide us a link to your portfolio and your rates.  What style and type of work you do.


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