Where does the stink come from?

Jul 25
by Daniel

Summer you have your windows open at night to let a cool breeze in. The breeze is nice for a little while, but then a smell like a skunk comes through the windows.  I rush to close the windows.

The first time I noticed the smell was in 1999.  It happens several times a month now.  I don’t remember this smell before 1999.  I have lived in several places since 1999 with the same smell coming from outside at night.

I have lived in Beaverton, Oregon and the smell would engulf at least a 3 block neighborhood.  I have lived in various areas in San Diego and still the same smell.  Sometimes when I am driving on the freeway I also smell the same stink.  I quickly close the vent.  Most of the time it is too late, the smell has filled the car.  After a half mile I open all the windows to air the car out.

And no, it is not a dead skunk.  I have driven past dead skunks and you see the smashed body and the smell is much stronger.  Also, a dead skunk smell may cover 50 or 100 foot radius, but not several blocks. And the smell will stay in the same spot for several days.  This smell comes at night and lasts for maybe an hour or two.

where does this smell come from? what is it? chemical or natural? safe or toxic?

Please feel free to post a comment on what you think it might be, or any of your experiences.


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