myTouch 4G Gingerbread update

Aug 24
by Daniel

So I heard about the myTouch 4G update to Gingerbread and was wondering how it works.  If I usually have wifi or mobile internet off, will I get the update?
If I don't turn on mobile for a week, will I miss my chance at getting the Gingerbread update?
I also wanted to know if it would download first and then ask to install or ask to install and then download.  I only have the 200MB data plan because I don't use it much and leave mobile off most of the time; I mostly use wifi.

I called T-Mobile and got a person that just read from PR info about the Android Gingerbread update.  Was I talking to a robot or a person?  Main things they said is don't worry, you will get the update.  The update is free.  And that it would come through mobile and not wifi.  Not too helpful!

I was turning on mobile internet on once a day just in case I might miss the update and leaving it off the rest of the time.
So this morning I saw that my myTouch 4G had a notice from T-Mobile that 180MB was used on the data plan and close to the 200MB limit and also that the Gingerbread update was ready.  I did not have mobile or wifi on overnight, so the phone activated the mobile internet all by itself.  

I was surprised that update came through with no internet on and the phone accessed the internet in the background.  Additionally, the update is not exactly free, it uses your data plan.  If you have unlimited, it isn't a concern, but if you have the 200MB plan then T-Mobile is using up most of  your plan for the free update as the size of the update is 180MB.  This would push anyone that had used 20MB or more over their 200MB plan and incur extra charges.  T-Mobile using the customers data plan to push updates out does not seem right for a free update.  Also,  what else are they doing in the background when the phone is not being used?  

PS: After checking the billing detail, the update downloaded between 2 and 3am in 4 chunks of 30MB to 50MBs.  So I guess that answers the one question, it downloads first and then you install.


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