Mac Pro, I don't get it, do you?

May 10
by Daniel

Does anyone get the Mac Pro?  It seems that they have workstation class CPUs, but all the other components are middle or low end consumer components.  How is a geForce 7300GT a workstation video card?  Yet Apple is charging a workstation price!  $2499 and higher for a desktop?  Yes, a workstation can be that high, but not a regular desktop. Only Apple.

Back in the day, Apple computers had all kinds of things that PC's usually did not have like SCSI. Not anymore, Intel motherboards and chips; I can build that.

I love OS X.  Actually I refused to use it until OS X 10.2. I stayed on OS 9 for a long time.  When I switched it was difficult, but then I found out how great OS X was.  Web developing is way better in OS X.

So now Apple does not make any hardware computers I would want to buy.  That makes it really difficult.  Don't want an all in one.  Don't want a tiny, non upgradable, slow one. Although, I might recommend the all in one or tiny one to certain people.  Don't want an over priced desktop. Come on Steve, get Apple to do something. You should offer more computers or open up the OS to any computer hardware, not just Apple hardware.

What do you think?


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