A letter to congress about the big three automakers

Dec 4
by Daniel

I urge you to not give the automakers free money. 

The leadership of the automakers drove the companies into the ground and now they want a bail out?
The only promise that the leadership of the automakers has provided if given the money is that they will fire more workers, what are they smoking?

The leadership of the automakers failed over the last few decades to provide fuel efficient vehicles.  The only job the leadership seem to do was fight changes in fuel efficiency and pollution.  Why should the leadership be compensated for their complete and utter failure to do the right thing? 

If the automakers need that much money the American people should be compensated with the ownership of the companies.
Then we can have the companies produce electric vehicles and possibly electric mass transit.

I would also like to see an investigation into the ties between the automakers and the oil industry.  It seems like there is collusion between the two to keep the use of oil high. And supply is lower and demand is still the same for oil but the price continues to go down, I think this demands an investigation in how they were able to keep the price up so long.


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