Bernie Sanders on Healthcare

Feb 5
by Daniel
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The Young Turks discuss healthcare between the democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. One of the guest hosts thinks that Bernie is over promising. Rubbish!

One, the U.S. is the richest country on the planet.  Two, removing all profit that insurance steals from your health goes a long way to pay for universal health.

You have to look at what is really going on.  I thought business would want workers healthy so they could have productive workers.  And big companies like the auto industry constantly complained about how many thousands of dollars of healthcare they paid went into each car, but did they stand up for their workers and lobby for healthcare reform, no!

The oligarchs of the U.S. want everyone else to be sick.  It is much harder to fight for your rights if you are sick, even just a little sick.  Don't let the corporate media and republican politicians scare you.  Real healthcare is universal healthcare.

In a logical world, the government and businesses would want its people to be one hundred percent healthy. The only way to make sure everyone is healthy is universal healthcare.  Bernie is right, healthcare is a right! And profit has no place in healthcare!


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