Are US republican politicians Pro-life or Pro-death?

Mar 24
by Daniel
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In this time when we are in the Covid-19 viral pandemic, the people at Fox "News" and republican politicians are pushing dangerous ideas.  Medical professionals are urging people to stay home and social distance.

Fox and republican politicians are supposed to be Christians.  Republican politicians, who proclaim to be Christian, have been pushing pro-life for four or five decades.  They are supposed to value life over money.  For thousands of years, Christian doctrine has been clear that people are more important than money.

Anyone that has been paying attention over the past decades knows that republicans do not care about life.  Republican politicians love war, war takes lives, and makes military contractors massive amounts of money.  Republican politicians hate legislation that saves lives because it takes money away from very rich political donors.

Most republican voters don't seem to care because they think those policies don't affect them, even if it does.

Now Fox "News" and republican politicians are saying older Americans should just die and be happy to die to save money for the rich.  The official position of the republican party is that the stock market is more important than any of your lives.

And don't get this wrong.  Young people will die too.  Sure, much less young will die and more old, but do you want to play Russian roulette? And do you think the rich will put themselves at risk?

It's very clear republican politicians are pro-money, not pro-life which equals pro-death in a pandemic.  The republican politicians and Fox "News" are so gross and morally bankrupt!


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