P.S. I love you

Oct 19
by chocolate

The movie that wanting sees most now is "P.S . I love you. "
It is said that the book became a best seller, too, and is considerably anxious. 
Hirareswanc to perform to this movie is performing "Beverly Hills" before.
She is not suddenly though she went out by regular for a little while. It was surprised at the feeling that not was making the story by force. Appearance is, and .."Boys Don't Cry" ..however afterwards.... has understood "Indeed" and the reason. And, the academy best actress award was taken, and it became famous at a dash. It was not honestly trowed so much that she became famous. However, her movie has never been seen up to now. Because she had not been performing to the movie that the interest boils. However, because her acting might be seen after a long time finally in this time, it enjoys it. :D 


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