Should we ban books? shogun

What kinds of books are good to ban?  Should some books be banned?

Should all books be banned?  No reading for you?

America's Toxic Food System shogun

America's Toxic Food System is a must watch video by Some More News.

Freedom Force Win Freedom Force shogun

Win game Freedom Force.

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Ends 7/7

Prey game Win game Prey shogun

Win game Prey.

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Ends 7/1

Does being rich cause you to have mental illness? shogun

Cody from Some More News made a video that everyone should watch.  He lays out that becoming rich might just cause you serious mental problems.

Using Pentatonic on Guitar to play modes shogun

Here is a very interesting video about playing modes using pentatonic.  This seems way more easy than memorizing every single mode separately.

Circle of Fifths for Guitarists shogun

It has been difficult to wrap my head around the circle of fifths for a while now.

But this video really does a great job explaining the circle of 5ths clearly.

Amazing 3D Animation shogun

Aamon Animations has made some great videos.  You should watch all of them.

Aamon has a unique perspective and it shows in his animations.

Watch now!

Handbrake VideoToolbox Handbrake and Apple VideoToolbox shogun

If you want to take advantage of Macintosh hardware encoder in Handbrake then people have recommended VideoToolbox.

warhammer mechanicus Win Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus on Steam nelliel

Happy New Year!!

Enter to win Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus