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Looking for Animated Emoji Artist

Looking for Animated Emoji Artist to add to my current emojis for Discord and Twitch.

We need emotes that are appropriate for Twitch.  You can check out our current static emoticons on our Discord and Twitch channel.

New Akagumo Mascot

This is our new Akagumo mascot.  I created a set of Onigiri emojis to use on our Discord.  This is a Happy Onigiri because it is happy to be our mascot.

Using Pentatonic on Guitar to play modes

Here is a very interesting video about playing modes using pentatonic.  This seems way more easy than memorizing every single mode separately.

Have you used this technique to play modes?  Do you think this is helpful to learn this way?

Circle of Fifths for Guitarists

It has been difficult to wrap my head around the circle of fifths for a while now.

But this video really does a great job explaining the circle of 5ths clearly.

Check it out if you want to learn circle of 5ths.

Amazing 3D Animation

Aamon Animations has made some great videos.  You should watch all of them.

Aamon has a unique perspective and it shows in his animations.

Watch now!