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Should we ban books?

What kinds of books are good to ban?  Should some books be banned?

Should all books be banned?  No reading for you?

Or should all books be allowed, just like allowing everyone to have nukes?

Who know, but watch this well done video by climate town and support them!

Looking for Animated Emoji Artist

Looking for Animated Emoji Artist to add to my current emojis for Discord and Twitch.

We need emotes that are appropriate for Twitch.  You can check out our current static emoticons on our Discord and Twitch channel.

America's Toxic Food System

America's Toxic Food System is a must watch video by Some More News.

Cody points on serious issues with America's food and he and his crew do a great job pointing out all the issues.

Watch it on YT and support Some More News now!

Linus Tech Tips Hacked!

It is crazy that LTT's YouTube channel and many of their other channels were hacked.  The channel name was changed to Tesla and an old Elon Musk stream posted discussing Bitcoin.

New Akagumo Mascot

This is our new Akagumo mascot.  I created a set of Onigiri emojis to use on our Discord.  This is a Happy Onigiri because it is happy to be our mascot.